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Greater Manchester's side road zebra crossings trial

European-style zebra crossings could become the norm on our side roads

Do you find crossing side roads on foot or by bike dangerous or stressful? Do you wish that people walking or cycling were better protected and given priority? The good news is that Greater Manchester is trialling European-style zebra crossings, paving the way for them to become the norm not only in the city-region but across the UK.

A stripped-down version of the zebra crossing (without the Belisha Beacon) is currently used across the world at side roads and in most UK supermarket carparks. Experts believe this approach would make side road crossings much safer, emphasising the right of walkers at cross roads - enabling more children to walk to school and the elderly to pop to the shop on foot.

The cost effectiveness would allow crossings to be installed across Greater Manchester’s at a fraction of the cost it would take using conventional methods.

At approximately £300, a simple zebra crossing is at least 100 times cheaper than existing safety measures. With an estimated 20,000 side roads on the Bee Network (an investment cost of approx. £6million), their use could save in excess of £400million. Not requiring roadworks to implement means the crossings could also be delivered much faster than any other viable alternatives.

More than 1,000 people are killed or seriously injured every year crossing the mouth of minor side roads in Greater Manchester.

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